Finding a skilled and experienced wellness professional in the Quad City area is now easy at Centered Therapies.

Each of our independent therapists are client-care focused, highly trained in their field, and understand that healing comes from within.  Let them give you the tools for a healthy life. 

Sarah Pratt

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist




Experience: Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006 & Myofascial Release Practitioner since 2008

Services: Myofascial Release

Professional Associations:  Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals

About:Sarah Pratt has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Western Illinois University.  After college and years in lab work, she wanted to find something more fulfilling.  Sarah received her massage therapy training from Alive & Wellness School of Massage in Moline, Illinois, and has had offices in East Moline, Bettendorf, and now Davenport, Iowa.  Sarah found her niche in myofascial release and has dedicated her practice to the John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Technique.

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Anne Molyneaux

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist



Experience:  Licensed Massage Therapist since 2017 and Myofascial Release Practitioner since 2020.

ServicesSwedish Massage

About: Anne Molyneaux is a personal trainer and trained physical therapy assistant.  She trains hard and is very knowledgeable about the body.  On the flip side, her massage style is more based in gentle healing.  Anne is an extremely kind and compassionate person who approaches each client from a place of gratitude and service.  Anne is currently semi-retired and not accepting new clients at this time.

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Elise Frost

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist




Experience:  Licensed Massage Therapist since 2017.

ServicesIntegrative Therapeutic Massage and Movement Sessions

Professional Associations: Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals

About: As a longtime performing artist and movement educator, I’ve found that the integration of somatics, movement and bodywork is often limited to specific populations in academia, small pockets of dance communities, and young people. I want to change that.  I trained at the prestigious Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in Longmont, Colorado with some of the best in the field. I went on to continue teaching at the Berkana Institute and have since worked with numerous clients in both chiropractic and private settings, eventually specializing in Ashiatsu massage therapy and therapeutic massage for pain relief.Schedule with Elise

Jaclyn Jacobi

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist and Occupational Therapist



Experience:  Bachelor of Arts from St. Ambrose University- 2005, Masters of Occupational Therapist (Colorado State University)- Licensed 2008, Licensed Massage Therapist (ITMW)- 2015; MFR training- 2021

Services: Myofascial Release, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy Stretching and Home Exercise Programs (HEP)(Pelvic floor, Postural Programming, Stability Training, etc.)

Professional Associations: AMTA, American Occupational Therapy Association

About:  Jaclyn has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Ambrose University and Masters of Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University. She has been an Occupational Therapist since 2008, working within inpatient/acute, outpatient and geriatric settings. After many years within OT, Jaclyn felt compelled to expand her knowledge and attend massage therapy school. She found a passion in helping people through advanced manual work, coupled with her OT knowledge. Over the last 5 years her massage work has been practiced within chiropractic and private settings, offering extended stretching, exercise and postural training. Jaclyn is furthering her skills with Myofascial Release and looks forward to serving clients with her multifaceted approach.Schedule with Jaclyn



Frances Lynn Shipley

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist

(Frances) LYNN SHIPLEY, L.M.T/P.T.A.


Experience:  Licensed Massage Therapist since 2017; Myofascial Release Therapist since 2020

Services: Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Professional Associations:  Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals

About: After graduating from Blackhawk College in 2005 with a Associate in Applied Science, Physical Therapist Assistant, Lynn began her career as a PTA working in a variety of settings from 2005 to 2018. It was while working in outpatient physical therapy that her love for hands on manual therapy as a way to help people in their healing journey began. In 2016 Lynn decided to expand her knowledge and skill set and enrolled in school at the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Wellness to be a massage therapist. She completed her training in 2017 and after passing her board certification Lynn opened her private practice as a massage therapist. Along with her private practice she has also worked in a chiropractic office, physical therapy setting and in a spa. Lynn offers therapeutic massage that can be tailored to your special needs and offers a gentle massage as well as some deep tissue work. After 3 years of massage, she began her journey with learning myofascial release, doing shadowing with Sarah Pratt, LMT and she has taken several of John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Seminars.

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Anke Fronz

Designation: Licensed Massage Therapist and Wellness Coach




Experience:  Bachelor of Arts from Midland Lutheran College-1997, A.S Black Hawk College- 2007, Licensed Massage Therapist (SOMA Downers Grove)- 2015; Health and Wellness Coach (Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy)- 2021, Certified Level 4 Reiki Master

Services: Integrative Wellness CoachingMassage Therapy Reiki, Mala /Prayer Jewelry (email for custom orders), Tuning Fork Therapy

Professional Associations: Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals

About:  Anke comes from a place of compassion, healing, and personal growth.  She has worked with elders, people in recovery from illness and injury, and with youth.  She started her journey in youth and family ministry and was drawn towards complimentary wellness.  This background grounds her as an Integrative Wellness Coach offering EFT technique, Mindfulness and Guided Meditation.  Anke Fronz has the highest level of certification as a Level 4 Reiki Master and her customized massage sessions can include tuning fork therapy and aromatherapy.  Anke enjoys making and selling Mala necklaces and natural cosmetics. She practices meditation, clean and healthy eating, walking, yoga, reading and is an avid golfer.Schedule with Anke