Reiki is a subtle energy technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and promotes balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

Meet your therapist:

Anke Fronz – Anke’s Mindful Therapies, LLC

Anke is a Level 4 Reiki Master.   This is the highest level of training a practitioner can reach.  She approaches Reiki from a very grounded background in Ministry and Wellness Coaching.   The Quad Cities is lucky to have such a skilled Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is:

A subtle and effective form of energy healing using spiritually guided life force energy (Rei-ki).  It is practiced in every country of the world and is being used in many settings including hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness & Preventative Medicine Department.  Reiki can be a wonderful complementary modality in a personal wellness or healing program.

Reiki has been practiced around the world for over 2,500 years.  Have you ever placed a hand on a child’s injured knee, and they feel better?  This is a balancing of the energy; however, a Practitioner’s hands are highly tuned.

What can benefit from reiki?

If you have an acute condition, you should seek out a licensed medical professional immediately. If you have a chronic or current issue, Reiki can be an excellent complement in your wellness plan.
According to the International Center for Reiki Healing, there is a wide range of illnesses and ailments that can see a positive affect from Reiki. These include everyday ailments such as stomach aches, colds, flu, and tension. Other more serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer can also show responses to Reiki. Many clients report reductions in side-effects from medications including chemotherapy and improvement in pain after surgeries.

Reiki can also greatly benefit those with emotional and psychological stresses such as anxiety, depression, anger, attention deficit problems, and high levels of stress. Reiki is not a cure for a disease or illness, but it may assist the body in creating an environment to facilitate healing. Reiki is a great tool to use as a complement to traditional medicine.

What happens during a Reiki Session?

During a Reiki Treatment, the practitioner will slightly hover her hands on or over your body to scan for discomforts and/or blockages in your energy fields. Anke then, gently transforms all blocked energy found that may be causing symptoms of illness, low moods, past emotional/physical trauma, anxiety etc.  Think of it as plugging a lamp into the wall.  Anke isn’t the electricity, but the facilitator connecting the cord to the outlet.

What can I expect during my first appointment?

Reiki can be performed on a client in the office who is fully reclined comfortably on a massage table. If you have mobility or pain issues please communicate these to your Practitioner, so they may make you your most comfortable for the session. Unlike a massage therapy session, you will be fully clothed. The Practitioner’s hands will be a few inches/centimeters above your body at the hand positions and may or may not touch directly. There are standard hand placements beginning at your head or feet, avoiding all sensitive body parts.

Distance Reiki

Reiki can also be received remotely and still offer great benefits.  During Reiki training, practitioners learn about three symbols—one of which is the “distance symbol.” When invoked, this symbol is thought to allow the practitioner to send healing Reiki energy across time and space.  Clients who choose distance Reiki will receive an email link before their session to connect to Anke via Zoom (  Then, relax into a comfortable position to receive the work.   For anyone questioning the science of energy moving through time and space, look up some of Albert Einstein’s work.

For more information, check out these links:

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