Exclusive Spring Sauna & Repeat Package

Centered Therapies is offering an exclusive Spring Sauna & Repeat package available today through May 31, 2024.  Buy this package and experience the benefits of using the sauna several times in ONE month. Spring Sauna & REPEAT Package: Buy 2 sauna sessions and get 1 FREE. The Spring Sauna & Repeat package sessions expire 31 days after purchase.  Buy online anytime @ https://centeredtherapies.fullslate.com/products/ . Why use the sauna on a regular basis?  REGULAR INFRARED SAUNAS AND LONGEVITY Living longer, stronger, and healthier lives has become a focus in our society and new research is emerging that infrared saunas can play a role in this.  Infrared saunas tackle aging in three ways: Heart health Muscle and nerve health Immune health Did you know that.