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10 Reasons You Should Use an Infrared Sauna During the Summer

Yuck! Voluntarily sitting in a 130-degree sauna while its 90 degrees outside. Why would any sane person do that?

Saunas seem like a no-brainer in the cold, dark, and dreary winter months. But once things start to get warmer and everyone is flocking to the nearest pool, remember to add in sauna time. We all know that the more regular a user you are of an infrared sauna the more amazing (downright magical) the effects are. So why does the usage drop? Because people have been misinformed about the use during warmer months (or they can’t stand the thought of the heat when its already hot!). They have been told its not safe or a good idea to have that much heat out in the world and in the sauna. That may have some validity if H2O isn’t your BFF, but on a whole, its benefits outweighs the slight risk of being parched.

What are these amazing as a unicorn benefits you ask? Here’s a list of the top reasons you should use infrared saunas in the summer months!

Actual Health Benefits:

  1. Sweat Activation: Now I know this topic isn’t sexy, but we need to talk about it. The process for our bodies to cool down is through sweating. If there are blockages (i.e. toxins) in the way of you sweating, you will have a harder time cooling down. Which makes those summer months seem even hotter! Sitting in the sauna will clear those blockages and help you sweat more efficiently during the summer.
  2. Pain Relief: Did you strain a muscle playing with your kids? Or over work them doing yard work? Summer is the time where we are extremely active and more prone to injuries. Sitting in a sauna will help relieve achy sore muscles leaps and bounds faster than a ice and pain meds regimen.
  3. Salt Elimination: Let’s face it the summer months are about two things: food and drink. The drinking we will get to at a later point. Our food intake increases slightly with the longer days and the hanging out by the firepit at night. The salt that builds up from the increased food holds water in our body. It holds on for dear life making us look and feel 10 lbs heavier. Sitting in the infrared sauna for just 30 minutes releases that extra salt in your body, thus releasing the water weight.
  4. Acclimating to the Rising Temperatures: Especially in this area we are prone to weeks where it is 50 degrees and then the next is 80. Our bodies have a very hard time dealing with those quick, drastic changes. Using the sauna will introduce your body to higher temps without the awful side effects (sniffles, cold, headaches, fatigue, etc).

Beauty/Life Benefits:

  1. Weight Loss: With bikini season right around the corner who wouldn’t love a little extra help burning calories? Sitting in an infrared sauna can burn upwards of 600 calories in one sitting. That is 600 calories to just relax!
  2. Skin Health: Remember when we talked about the sweating clearing out the toxins from your body? Well clearing those toxins also helps clear the impurities that rest on our skin, including chlorine from pools and sunscreen chemicals. After regular use your skin will start to feel like a baby’s butt!
  3. Cellulite: It is nothing to be ashamed of. We should all love our bodies. However, I know I would like it if it just weren’t as noticeable. Regular sauna use has shown to reduce the noticeability of cellulite, which means more confidence for you to rock those shorts!
  4. Bad Hangover: I said we would get back to the drinking part! After a late night of drinking, no one feels their best. We try all kind of methods to alleviate the toilet hugging feeling. In conjunction with massive amounts of water, sitting in the infrared sauna will get rid of the toxicity coursing through your veins and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!
  5. Feeling of a Day in the Sun: Don’t have time to just lounge by the pool all the time? Or want to feel like you spent the day in the sun without the harmful UV rays? Sitting in the infrared sauna gives you the same feeling without the skin cancer side effects!
  6. Relaxing Escape: Lastly, the dreaded time for parents has come. Kids are home from school demanding to be entertained. Taking time to relax in our infrared sauna is not only beneficial to you, but really for the whole family!

As you can see the infrared sauna has tons of really great benefits for the summer, so schedule your time today before spots run out!
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