Wellness Assistance for a Happier & Healthier Life by LIMB

When I launched Labyrinth Integrated Movement & Bodywork in September of this year I knew there would be challenges my small business would face during these difficult times. I’m fortunate that I’ve had a community around me – family members, friends, the Centered Therapies community, and my wonderful clients to support my dreams becoming a reality. It’s solidified my belief that wellness is a community concern – it takes a village of people coming together and offering what they can to create an elevated quality of life for all. I’d like to play a part in being that kind of community member.

For this reason, I’m launching a Wellness Assistance Plan. If you or someone you know could benefit from this plan, please feel free to share, inquire, or better yet book an appointment! These offerings start today and go on as long as I can provide them.

What’s the Wellness Assistance Plan?
It’s simple! We are implementing a sliding scale payment and rebooking discount!
60 minute sessions – pay anywhere between $60 – $80
75 minute sessions – pay anywhere between $70 – $95
90 minute sessions – pay anywhere between $85 – $110
Rebook on the same day of your massage get an extra $5 off your next session!

*Clients paying full price will receive $10 off their next session for advanced booking.*

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