How to support a small business:

In fourteen years of business ownership, I have written my share of business plans.  Never did I have a section on mandatory closure due to a pandemic.  (Massage therapists had to close this week.)  This is a new chapter for everyone.

This past week, I have done my best to stay up on information.  (For those who know me well, watching the rhetoric of the news is not my favorite activity.)  But information is changing fast, and I found myself supported by people helping me navigate.  Thank you!  I can’t lie, I had moments where the panic and fear set in.  I have built my businesses out of a place of caring for my clients, the people I work alongside, and my family.  The idea of potentially losing that, scared the bejesus out of me.  Luckily, I didn’t come up with the name Centered Therapies for nothing.   I took a walk and a step back.

What I am seeing now are incredibly talented and intelligent massage therapists who are remaining calm, and patiently waiting to care for people again.  A nurse practitioner (who is still open 😊), quickly adapting to be there for patients.  A group of front desk staff who have kept patience with me as I ebbed and flowed with changing information.  And the most amazing clients who maintain fortitude and optimism.  Thank you all for who you are.

I have seen a lot about supporting small businesses.  A great way to support small businesses is to do everything you can to keep the curve low.  No matter what your views are on COVID-19 and the choices being made, by doing your part, you are intern allowing businesses to open back up and life to return to a new normal.  The faster small businesses can open, the higher the chance us business owners have to recover.  I know there is a lot of fear out right now, but I also have the privilege of seeing the incredible trust and caring happening.

Stay healthy and safe.  Hopefully April 1st will truly be the day all of us massage therapists can return to our practices and other small businesses can open their doors.  Thank you, clients, for being there with us through all of this.  Also, thank you to all the workers who are still keeping our world turning and water flowing.


Sarah Pratt

Centered Therapies & SP Massage, LLC