Cupping Massage Experience

Last week, I received a Cupping & Therapeutic Massage session from Amber Huffman, LMT. I hopped on the table just like any other massage. Amber started out with traditional therapeutic massage customized to my pressure preference. I had opted for a 90-minute cupping & massage session, so she could work with the cups in several areas of my body (legs & back). Once my muscles were warmed up, she started with a small massage cup gliding along my legs looking for areas of tension. When she hit a tender area, I spoke up. Amber adjusted the suction on the cup and placed a larger cup over the tender area. The large cup hung out on my leg, while she continued with the smaller cup breaking up tension and looking for more tight areas. Each tight muscle zone, she placed another cup. After a few minutes, Amber would remove the larger cup and glide back through the tense area. I was amazed the tension was gone! The muscles felt amazing as the cup’s suction and Amber’s hand easily flowed over what had been a huge knot.

COMMUNICATION: Amber kept telling me how important it was for me to let her now if a cup was too much or not enough suction. I found out quickly, this is SO important. The cups are extremely powerful and areas of my body that were knotted and stuck sent a rush of adrenaline and pain through my system. I immediately told Amber and she adjusted the cupping suction. The sensation quickly shifted from pain to delight.

THE RESULTS: With over 40 cups used on my legs and back, I only had one dark cupping mark on my back! My body felt amazing! I felt loose and relaxed. I couldn’t believe how much BETTER my CELLUTITE looked on my legs. It wasn’t completely gone, but so much smoother. Cupping & Therapeutic Massage sessions will become a monthly standing appointment.