Sarah Teacher Assists MFR Seminar

This past weekend, Sarah Pratt, L.M.T. with SP Massage, L.L.C. got an amazing opportunity to teacher assist a John Barnes seminar, Myofascial Release I. After 11 years as a myofascial release therapist, it was a phenomenal and memorable experience to be on the other side of such a recognized class. John Barnes is the physical therapist who originally recognized that tissue work needed an overhaul and our bodies responded exponentially better when the pressure meets the body instead of forcing it.

“I was honored to assist such amazing, experienced myofascial release teachers. Myofascial Release I is an in-depth introduction to the work. The therapists who attended the seminar did a fantastic job absorbing and learning the material. It is exciting to see new therapists exploring such a wonderful and authentic technique. I also got the added benefit of reviewing the seminar material and I pick up new information everytime.” Sarah Pratt, LMT

If there are any Quad Cities physical therapists, occupational therapists, or massage therapists interested in learning more about myofascial release seminars, check out John Barnes myofascial release website. You are also welcome to contact the office and talk with Sarah Pratt, LMT. Who knows, maybe we will get a myofascial release seminar in Davenport, IA again!