Infrared Sauna for Chronic Fatigue

Infrared Sauna for Chronic Fatigue

When you experience chronic fatigue and your medical tests are coming back without answers, it can be a frustrating experience.  What are your options?  Is there anything I can do that is a natural way to relieve chronic fatigue without medications?  Recently, studies have been done to see if using an infrared sauna can help with chronic fatigue.

A 2015 study found participants reported a decrease in fatigue, improved anxiety, improved depression, and less fatigue in 4 weeks of sauna use.  Participants used the sauna at 140°F for only 15 minutes, five days a week for 4 weeks. (1)  (Read the study)  Another study conducted in 2015 used Waon Therapy which consisted a 15 minutes of infrared sauna session followed by 30 minutes of rest.  The study found 77.8% of participants saw an improvement in chronic fatigue symptoms after receiving 8 weeks of regular far-infrared sauna sessions with rest.  The conclusion deducted from the  study was that infrared sauna therapy may be a useful and safe treatment from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) (2).

If you are interested in trying an infrared sauna session, Centered Therapies, LLC offers private sessions.  For more information about infrared sauna sessions and what to expect, check out our infrared sauna page!

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