Easy Way to Get Healthy and Burn Calories

During the start of the new year, many people are in search for a way to start anew.  After the holiday season full of extra calories, extra alcohol and sweets, we want a simple way to promote wellness.  We all know exercise can help, but what is an easy way to jumpstart burning calories without exercise?  Using an infrared sauna can be a simple and relaxing way to melt calories away.  Not only can a 30-minute session burn 600 calories while you sit, it’s benefits are extensive.  The special frequency the infrared light acts as an immune boost to improve circulation and promote tissue healing and cell health.  In an age when inflammation is the buzz work of doctors and there are no shortage of diets that claim to manage and reduce inflammation in your body, something as simple as relaxing in our sauna for 15 or 30 minutes can help bust inflammation out of our bodies naturally.  How many times have you wished for a few minutes of peace and quiet this holiday season?  You probably lost count.  Here is your opportunity to have a few minutes to yourself and receive a plethora of wellness.

Infrared saunas benefits:

  • detoxification (removes heavy metals, pesticides, environmental pollutants)
  • relaxation
  • weight loss (burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes according to American Journal of Medical Association study)
  • pain relief (reduces inflammation)
  • lower blood pressure (with 3 sessions per week)
  • improve circulation (increases blood flow)
  • anti-aging and skin purification (flushes skin, helps cellulite)
  • wound and soft tissue healing (speeds tissue healing, used in professional sports for recovery)
  • cell health (flushes pollutants and increases fluid flow to cells)
  • boost immune system (increases T-cell production and other natural immune responses)

Do you want to learn more about the infrared sauna or book a session?  Check out our infrared sauna page: https://centeredtherapies.com/services/infrared-sauna/