Sauna Summer Sale Ending

Centered Therapies News:

·         Delilah Scott (Capital Virtues, LLC) our Reiki Master/Teacher will be leaving for maternity leave starting December 11, 2018.  She hopes to be back in the office in March 2019.  For those thinking about Reiki, get your appointment scheduled now. Last chance this year for Reiki level I & II classes being held on November 24 & 25 as well as December 8 & 9. 

·         Our Sauna Summer Sale will be coming to an end this Saturday.  The infrared sauna will return to it’s normal pricing: $20 for 30-minute session, $15 for 15-minute session and punch cards will go back up to $15 per punch ($75 for a 5-session punch card & $150 for a 10-session punch card).  The punch cards will be available through this Saturday at the summer sale pricing.

·         We now have Gifts of Wellness products at Centered Therapies.  Each item on our Gifts of Wellness shelf are hand-made in the United States, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, and as organic as possible.  These products include: high quality bath salts & soaks, sleep salves, cold/congestion spray, candles that contain crystals, crystal wellness kits, arnica muscle salve and more.  These are great gifts for the holidays or to continue your wellness routine at home.  We are offering gift wrap for $2 for your convenience.

 Have a wonderful holiday season and make sure we have your updated address, so you get your holiday customer appreciation post card.