A Workshop on Learning Yogic Breath

Presented by Johanna W-Hilliard, 500 hr ERYT

Friday, May 2nd at 5:00 pm

Pranayama – the expansion of Life Force – is one of the most beneficial aspects of Yoga. Pranayama is a body of breathing techniques designed to help calm your nervous system, boost your immune system, and improve your circulatory system. It is also the first step towards meditating. Training the mind to focus on the breath helps prepare you to enter a more deeply meditative state.


In this workshop series, Johanna W-Hilliard will guide you in exploring your own threshold capacity (the limit of inhale and exhale), teach you breathing ratios and various pranayama techniques and kriyas (cleansing actions). There will be simple asana (postures) to prepare for the breathing exercises so wear comfortable clothing.


Join her on Friday, May 2rd at 5:00 pm for Workshop I – Langhana Effect Pranayama – Calming and Cleansing. The workshop is approximately 90 minutes long.


With advanced registration and payment of $46, you also

receive a Breath-Centered Yoga Class for half price (regularly priced $12, on sale for $6). This offer is good until Thursday, May 1st.


If you wish to come to the workshop only, cost is $40.